The Department of Transportation Solo Invited Civil Engineering Students to Sightsee around Solo City with Solo Batik Trans Bus

Submitted by ridlo on Wed, 04/26/2017 - 13:19

Surakarta, April 26, 2017 – The Department of Transportation Solo in cooperation with Master of Civil Engineering UMS and assisted by the Family Students Civil Engineering provided a socialization pertaining to Solo Batik Trans buses to the students of Civil Engineering UMS. The Socialization of Solo Batik Trans buses was the first activity held by the Department of Transportation Solo with UMS, which was attended by Taufiq Muhammad S.Si.T as the Chairman of Department of Transportation, Yulianto Nugroho, Amd LLAJ, SE as the Chairman of Transportation Unit and some lecturers of Civil Engineering department.

“This event aims to introduce a model of mass transportation to UMS students, reduce density, and invite students to prefer public transportation,” Taufiq Muhammad said.

This socialization activity was divided into two sessions. One of them was a seminar on the socialization of Batik Solo Trans (BST) bus, which was held in a Seminar Room in the main building of Siti Walidah Building. The second session was conducted by boarding BST bus and drove around Solo city. Dian Ersa, a participant of the seminar, stated, “There are 5 Solo Batik Trans buses that departed to campus 2 UMS, with approximately 200 students.” 

In addition, on the question and answer session during the seminar, the Department of Transportation provided a door prize and free trip tickets for riding Werkudara bus on the next day, Sunday, April 30, 2017 for the questioner. While traveling around Solo by riding Solo Trans Batik bus, the seminar participants could obtain first-hand experience and see the infrastructure that supported the operation of Batik Solo Trans bus in Solo city.