IENACO 2017 - Ergonomic Importance in the Development of National Creative Industry “Human-Centered Creative Industries”

Submitted by ridlo on Thu, 03/30/2017 - 18:37

Surakarta (IENACO, 29/3) - Industrial Engineering National Conference (IENACO) is an annual event which is held regularly by the Industrial Engineering Program of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta. IENACO 2017 is one of the activities in the fifth year under the theme "Human-centered Creative Industries" with keynote speaker Ir. Yassierli, MT., PhD., CPE (Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering ITB; Chairman of the Central Association of Ergonomics Indonesia (PEI) ) and Ir. Chess Hernanto, MM., IPM. (General-Secretary and Head of Profession Sustainable Development Agency of Industrial Engineering Vocational Indonesian Engineers Association (PII BKTI)). The event was held on March 29-30, 2017 at Alana Hotel Solo and at Siti Walidah Main Office of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta.

This year's theme focused on the role of ergonomics in the design of creative industry employment system. The concept of ergonomics is to design products based on human (Human-Centered Design) which defined humans as workers (ergonomic organization) and man as a user (ergonomics product). Besides these two points, the ergonomic design of work systems in the industry also has a role in maintaining the work safety, health, and productivity of the employment. 

Ir. Yassierli, MT., PhD., CPE explained that in line with the increase of global trends in the national creative industry for the future, it needs the role of engineers who understand the relevant aspects regarding fixing ergonomics side to improve the products quality. Moreover, at the time, the trend of rapidly growing industry is on technology. Technology plays an important role in improving the development of the national creative industry.

The secretary of the Association of Indonesian Engineers, Ir. Catur Hernanto, MM, IPM. firmly states that “an engineer should be able to meet the needs, safety, and security of society and should be able to overcome the existing problems in the environment.”

UMS Rector in his speech conveys that, “The Industrial Engineering Department of Faculty of Engineering UMS, as part of UMS, intends to exacerbate the positioning, which is to make creative industries as the main study object. The arrangement of Industrial Engineering National Conference (IENACO) in 2017 is one of the efforts taken in order to strengthen the positioning."

Eko Setiawan, ST., MT., Ph.D. as the Chairman of the Committee and Chief of the Department of Industrial Engineering reported that a series of activities in IENACO 2017 included national seminar, presentation of papers from academics, researchers, and practitioners. The event was comcluded with System Design Ergonomics Workshop on the second day. This year the committee receives 195 papers submitted by authors from 38 public and private universities in Indonesia. From those numbers, 134 titles were selected to be presented in the seminar. This activity was expected to increase the amount of research in the field of ergonomics and would contribute to the industrial world, especially in the development of creative industries.