Inauguration of Dr. Sofyan Anif, M.Si UMS Rector Period 2017/2021

Submitted by ridlo on Sat, 04/22/2017 - 16:26

Dr. Sofyan Anif, M.Si was inaugurated as the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta for 2017-2021 at Auditorium Mohamad Djazman Campus 1 UMS, Kartasura, Sukoharjo on Saturday 22 April 2017.

Sofyan Anif officially replaced Prof. Bambang Setiaji, M.S. who assumed his mandate as the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Kalimantan Timur after successfully achieved the highest vote and defeated Vice Rector II Dr Sarjito and Drs Musyiam in the previous election. The inauguration ceremony of the Rector of UMS was attended by several prominent figures, Haedar Nasir, the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Executive, Abdul Malik Fadjar Member of Presidential Advisory Council (Watimpres), representatives of the Ministry of Research and Technology Higher Education (Kemenristek DIKTI), and the regional board of Muhammadiyah branch.

In his speech, Sofyan Anif complemented some of laudable achievements accomplished by UMS during the leadership of Bambang Setiaji. These achievements were the reason UMS was able to reach the eighth best university position according to global research version by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS).

On the same occasion, the Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah Haedar Nasir gave three basic messages for the new Rector, namely (1) Advancing the Tridharma of higher education, (2) Encouraging the campus achievement and goals based on Al Islam and Muhammadiyah values, and (3) Encouraging UMS to become Muhammadiyah university as an institution that is always expected to be a significant force on building civilization and be the center of civilization.

After giving a lecture, Haedar also congratulated Sofyan Anif who would officially lead UMS for 2017-2021. He said, “Congratulations Pak Anif for having the responsibility to bear the mandate. Hopefully in the future, UMS continues to produce graduates with strong characters and have five main qualities of being religious, intelligent and knowledgeable, independent, with high work ethic, and strong nationality.”

Besides Haedar Nashir, Prof. D.Y.P.Sugiharto as the Coordinator of Private Higher Education (Kopertis) Region VI of Central Java also offer his guidance that even though UMS has been awarded as a superior institution from Quacquarelli Symonds, the new Rector still has an important homework to consider: accreditation study. He stated that 15% courses in UMS were still accredited as C because some were newly-developed. However, he demanded this these courses should at least receive B accreditation in two years. Currently, UMS already has 19 accredited A study programs.

Sugiharto also advised Sofyan Anif to guard his college in implementing university standardization, which would be implemented in December 2017. This new national university standard would be immediately enforced and there are several points to be reconsidered including the burden of study and study duration. If the duration of doctoral study is a maximum of seven years, as a superior university UMS, the Doctorate Program is expected to be completed in five years of academic years.