English Tutorial Program

Submitted by ridlo on Wed, 07/19/2017 - 12:34

Underlie the ideals of UMS so that its students can compete in the international arenaUMS equip skills and improve english to students. Since 2015, UMS facilitates activities in improving English skills. The activities are given to students in the first semester and second semester in the form of ETP (English Tutorial Program) assistance at weekend outside the classroom and course.

ETP is a program designed with a curriculum according to the needs of new students so as to acquire basic English knowledge, such as simple conversation, grammar, tenses, etc. It is given as one of the provisions of the students to understand the literature during the lecture at UMS. Helps to be a superior individual in the job market with better English skills than other university graduates.

Students will get different English materials each week. ETP is a compulsory program for students of all faculties in UMS and accompanied by lecturers majoring in english with senior students pass the training. The activities of ETP are:

  1. Basic English Language Learning for all students of the early semester
  2. Communication habits with English in writing or verbal to improve student's knowledge and confidence.
  3. mentor assistance from students semester three to six UMS, selected and trained by English lecturer.
  4. Kegiatan tahunan ETP,
  • Social Gathering One day performances of ETP Tutors for the academic community and the general public, such as art performances featuring tutors' works, such as poetry, dance, acoustic, drama, and other musical poetry in English;
  • English Tutorial Cup an annual event for ETP faculty students, containing intercultural competitions to improve English language skills and self-confidence. English Tutorial Cup Competition is story telling, speech, Poetry Reading, and exhibition journalism, the winner of the contest will be displayed on website and TV UMS chanel