Faculty of Engineering


In 2029 engineering faculty UMS is directed to be education and development center of science and technology, give change in engineering field based on Islamic values.


  • Mendidik mahasiswa dalam lingkungan Islam dengan menghasilkan lulusan sarjana strata 1 (S-1) yang berakhlak mulia, profesional dengan senantiasa menjunjung tinggi nilai-nilai idealisme
  • Developing the education and research as an innovation and realization of new findings in the field of engineering
  • Give a dedication to society as the existence of an institution in the middle of society.
  • Disseminate academic works in the field of science and technology through media
  • Explore the strengthening of Islamic values as a reference in the field of engineering
  • Establish a modern and professional institutional management system
  • Realize active, creative, dignified, and independent cooperation with institutions.
  • Developing a center of engineering as a means of improving the quality of specific research, cooperation orientation.


  • Developing a good behavior of human resources, professional, critical, innovative, upholding the values of idealism.
  • Developing education and learning process based on science and technologi so that materialized a center of reference that can give the change.
  • Form an academic environment that is in line with the new paradigm on high education to produce competitive qualified graduates, good quality, good character, and good deeds.
  • Get Islamic values on developing engineering based on management of modern professional institutional management
  • Make a good cooperation with internal and external institution to improve the performance of academic community
  • Establish isntitutions performance on science and technology field as implementation of education and development in engineering field.