Faculty of Health Science


In 2029 faculty of health science is directed to be education center and development of science technology on Islamic health field and give a change


  • Developing science of education, technology and art as a part of worship to God that give impact the realization of the main society.
  • Developing human resources of health field based on Islamic values and give a direction of change
  • Producing potential health workers who mastering in science and technology.
  • Advance research activities and scientific publications
  • Organizing a dedication of society activity in order to participate on increasing health society status.


  • Become a good faculty in science and technology and produce competitive graduates in global era and give the direction of change
  • Become a faculty that produce good health workers that have a good character especially based on Islamic values who can give the change and have an intreprenual spirit.
  • Become a faculty that sustainable through institutional arrangement with management system optimization and management. 
  • Becoming a faculty capable of producing research that can publish at the international level.
  • Become a faculties capable of contribute and increasing health society status.