Faculty of Pharmacy UMS Held International Seminar on Pharmacy and Cancer Issues

Submitted by dumadi on Mon, 11/18/2019 - 10:26

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta (UMS) has completed one of its big agenda, International Current Breakthrough in Pharmacy (ICB-Pharma) in 2019 for the third time. ICB-Pharma was held for two days, namely Saturday - Sunday (16-17/11/2019) on the 7th floor of Siti Walidah Building, UMS.

In this agenda, the Faculty of Pharmacy UMS collaborate with the Indonesian Society for Cancer Chemoprevention (ISCC)  raised the issue of Pharmacy and Cancer Chemoprevention under the theme  'Assembling Science and Technology for Advanced Pharmacy and Cancer Chemoprevention'.

Peni Indrayudha, Ph. D., Apt., as chief of the committee, said that the series of agenda is formed as Qualified International Seminar and was followed by research presentations from participants who took part in this agenda.

"The first agenda was a seminar, we invited several speakers from several countries. Followed by parallel oral presentation. So the participants also presented the results of their research. And there is also Poster Presentation, "he said.

The type of research presented is divided into six research themes. Peni also mentioned that there were 30 poster presentation participants and 70 oral presentation participants. They came from various campuses in Indonesia.

This international seminar invited 5 keynote speakers, from all over the world. The first speaker was Prof. Dr. Jun-Ya Kato from Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan. Second, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Koji Itahana National University Of Singapore, Singapore. Then thirdly, Prof. Intermediate TS. Dr. Mohd Fadzelly bin Abu Bakr from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Malaysia. Fourth, Prof. Takenori Tomohiro from the Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Japan. Finally, Erindyah R. Wikantyasning, Ph. D., Apt. from Muhammadiyah University Surakarta, Indonesia.

This kind of activity is expected to increase the cooperation between universities, include UMS in conducting research, especially in the pharmaceutical field. Then, by inviting international researchers and speakers, it is important to do cooperation between institutions which has so far been carried out by the Faculty of Pharmacy UMS.

"We hope that in the future we will do research together with international universities that invited in this agenda and we also hope that we can send our lecturers to continue further study in Japan." Said UMS’s Pharmacy Lecturer who also graduated from S3 University of Nottingham, UK-Molecular Biology.