Faculty of Teacher Training and Education


In the year of 2029, FKIP UMS became an Educational Institution of Education Personnel that produced professional educators with Islamic personality, and provided direction for change.


  • Organizing education, training, and guidance to produce educators who are CAKAP (Smart, Trust, Competent, Reliable, and Reformer), entrepreneurial spirit and Islamic personality.
  • Doing research and development to produce science and technology that supports the improvement of the quality of education, training, and guidance.
  • Organizing community service activities in the field of education.


  • Producing the graduates who are intelligent, trustworthy, competent, reliable, and reformer, as well as Islamic personality in accordance with the competence of educators.
  • Producing the research that can be used to improve the quality of processing and learning outcomes
  • Doing community service that is related to the application of science and technology in education and entrepreneurship.