Fresh Graduate of UMS’s Medical Faculty are Asked to Serve the Society Sincerely

Submitted by dumadi on Sun, 10/13/2019 - 09:58

Saturday,  October 12, 2019, fresh graduates doctors and their families fill up Lorin Hotel ballroom.  White suits with Samir on their neck brighten the dignity of these fresh graduates doctors.

Soon, the atmosphere became emotional when they were called one by one and sworn for their noble profession. From now on, they officially became doctors. Doctors who are ready to serve the society also becoming the hope of their religion and their country.

Dean of the Medical Faculty, Prof. Dr. dr. EM. Sutrisna, M. Kes stated that after becoming doctors, they all must be able to become individuals who are beneficial for others.

"After graduating from this university, you may dedicate yourself to serve both in hospitals or Muhammadiyah clinics or outside Muhammadiyah. But you need to know, in every Muhammadiyah Regional Leadership (PDM) there must be a hospital-owned by Muhammadiyah, you can serve there.  "Or maybe in one of Muhammadiyah branch close to your residence, you can devote yourself there," he said.

Prof. Dr. dr. EM. Sutrisna, M. Kes, added that their senior level who had left the Medical Faculty of UMS become incredible while serving society. "When an earthquake happened in Lombok, also when Tsunami hits Palu, they flocked to become volunteers. With their willingness without expecting anything in return except Allah, they willingly help the victims there". he explained.

Rector of UMS, Prof. Dr. Sofyan Anif, M.Sc also said that currently, Muhammadiyah has 500 hospitals that can serve as a field of service. Even when he was presented yesterday in the international league of Islamic higher education, they suggested that Islamic universities with medical faculties should imitate Muhammadiyah.

The oath procession was attended by Deputy Rector II, Ir. Sarjito, M.T, Ph.D., Chair of BPH UMS Drs. Dahlan Rais, M.Hum, Representatives from the Orthopedic Hospital, Moewardi, as well as representatives of the Surakarta PDM, PDM Sukoharjo, PDM Karanganyar and doctors from the Indonesian Doctors Association were closed by submitting a vandel from a newly appointed doctor to the Chancellor, Deputy Rector II, BPH UMS, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine along with invited guests.