MTQ UMS Held a Competition of Islamic Studies

Submitted by ridlo on Sat, 01/05/2019 - 14:56

Musabaqoh Tilawatil Quran Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (MTQ UMS) held a competition to search for students with outstanding talent in the field of Islamic studies. This activity was held at the Siti Walidah UMS Building on Thursday (1/3/2019).

With the theme of "Earthing the Qur'an as a Realization of Syiar Rabbani," this competition aims to provide a medium for students interested in Islamic studies as explained by the chairman of the committee, Wahid Fahmiza Azani.

"The purpose of this activity, in addition to look for the hidden talents of the UMS students, we also prepare them to have courage in any competition," he explicated.

There were five branches contested in this event, including Tahfidz with 16 participants, Tartil with 32 participants, Tilawah with 12 participants, Scientific Writing with three participants, and Calligraphy with three participants. In overall, there were a total of 66 participants.

One of the activities that could be observed straightforwardly was the Calligraphy contest, which was held at the façade of the UMS Student Affairs. In the competition, the participants were very enthusiastic in working their calligraphies. They also utilized various tools, such as pylox, watercolors, markers, and media boards.

Wahid also stated that in addition to seeking UMS students with excellent talent, this activity was also one of the agenda to prepare students for an event which would be held in the near future.

"This MTQ event is a momentum for talent search. In fact, this event is also a preparation for further national competition. Since there will be a national event soon," he added.

Furthermore, this event was carried out with the support from the UMS Student Affairs Department of Cadre and Da'wah Council. It is planned that the winners of this competition will be prepared for the national level competition.

"So, this event is also endorsed by the Student Affairs Department. The MTQ UMS will serve as the organizer of the competition. The winners of this competition will be the delegation of UMS to compete in the national competition." Wahid remarked his explanation.