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Registration for new students of Academic Year 2020/2021 at Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta (UMS) has been opened on Monday, December 2, 2019. New students applicant can register online at the  ODS UMS website with a choice of 12 faculties for Undergraduate (S1), Postgraduate Programs and Vocational Schools

Undergraduate Program

  1. Faculty of Teacher Training and Education
  2. Medical Faculty
  3. Faculty of Dentistry
  4. Faculty of Pharmacy
  5. Faculty of Health Sciences
  6. Faculty of Economics and Business
  7. Faculty of Psychology
  8. Faculty of Geography
  9. Faculty of Islamic Religion
  10. Faculty of Law
  11. Faculty of Engineering
  12. Faculty of Communication and Informatics

Postgraduate Programs

  1. Masters in Accounting
  2. Masters in Pharmacy
  3. Masters in Islamic Law
  4. Masters in Legal Studies
  5. Masters in Management
  6. Masters in Educational Management
  7. Masters in Islamic Thought
  8. Masters in Islamic Education
  9. Masters in Language Study
  10. Masters in Psychological Science
  11. Masters in Mechanical Engineering
  12. Masters in Civil Engineering
  13. Doctor of Law
  14. Doctor of Islamic Education

Vocational School

  1. Heavy Equipment Mechanics
  2. Manufacturing Engineering
  3. Syariah banking
  4. Power Plant Maintenance
  5. Power Plant Operators
  6. Sharia Hospitality
  7. Secretary of Notary / Hospitality Administration

TSelection tests are conducted in one day (One Day Service) at the ODS Office, Siti Walidah Main Building, 2nd Floor Muhammadiyah University, Surakarta. Further information can be accessed at