Students of UMS Sports Education Study Program comes home with Gold Medals from "2019 World Tapak Suci Championship"

Submitted by dumadi on Mon, 09/09/2019 - 10:22

Annas Rais Arni Royhan just grabs international prestigious achievement. Annas is the student of fifth semester at Sport Education Department of UMS. In this opportunity, he won the gold medal at the '1st Tapak Suci World Championship 2019'.

1st Tapak Suci World Championship held on 1-5 September 2019 at Sritex Arena Solo. This agenda will be memorable for Annas and the history of Tapak Suci. Especially for Annas, he comes out as the first winner, and for the history of Tapak Suci, this opportunity is the 1st event of Tapak Suci World Championship.

There are 14 countries participated in this championship, Those are Algeria, Timor Leste, Singapore, Egypt, Taiwan, Pakistan, Germany, Uganda, Morocco, Thailand, Lebanon, Sudan, Palestine, and Indonesia.

Annas claimed he has to prepare himself well to face this championship. The effort and hard work are now all-paid by gaining the gold medal in the group match category with his friends.

"Alhamdulillah, it feels good to be able to win this gold medal. All the practices that I do every morning and evening is all-paid with the result. Everything has been paid off," Annas said.

Not satisfying yet, in the future, Annas has targets to achieve. "I hope in the future, I will draw a victory in various competitions. Especially the nearest one, POMNAS 2019 an PON 2020”

Meanwhile, the Chief of Sport Education Department of UMS (POR), Nur Subekti, M.Or as well as the Tapak Suci trainer at UMS expressed his gratitude and pride for this achievement. This shows that POR UMS able to compete at the international level.

Nur Subekti, M.Or added, the campus supports all extra-curricular activities in Tapak Suci martial arts. Moreover, this activity as well as part of da'wah and sports in the Muhammadiyah Association. "Hopefully, UMS Tapak Suci in the future is more considered and prioritized, and has a special training ground (padepokan) as a development and research laboratory to support our athletes' achievement," he said.