Transportation Range

Strategically located, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta is in the heart of the transportation route for the city of Surakarta. Towards UMS can be reached via land transportation and air transportation. You can use private motorbike or car transportation and stop directly at the UMS location. Meanwhile, if you use public transportation, either land or air, you can choose the following route:

Transportation Routes

  • Motorcycle / Private Car, You can go from your city directly to the Main Building Siti Walidah UMS which is on Jalan A.Yani Pabelan Kartasura.
  • Travel Car, You can also use travel services / agencies to make it easier for you to get to UMS. Generally, travel agencies already know UMS and will take you directly to your destination..
  • Bus, If you are using public transportation by bus, you can determine the nearest transit point. If from the direction of Jogjakarta, you can use the Jogja-Solo or Jogja-Surabaya route buses and get off in front of UMS. If you are coming from Semarang, please take the Semarang-Solo route bus and get off in front of UMS. Likewise for those of you who are from the direction of Surabaya, you can take the Surabaya-Jogja route bus and get off in front of UMS. If you are still unfamiliar with the bus route, please get off at the Tirtonadi Solo Terminal and continue the journey by Transolo / Taxi / Ojol bus, you will be delivered right to UMS.
  • Train, For those of you who are in a distant city, train is a fairly affordable and fast land vehicle solution. Please take the route Purwosari Station Solo; Solo Balapan Station; or Jebres Solo Station. From the station you can continue the journey by Transolo bus / taxi.
  • Airplane, Those of you who live outside the island of Java, please use an airplane destined for Adi Sumarmo Airport, Surakarta. While your alternative route is to get off at Adi Sucipto Airport, Jogjakarta. From the airport you can continue the journey by bus / taxi.