TS UMS Held a Championship, Seeking for Qualified Young Silat Practitioners 

Submitted by ridlo on Sat, 12/15/2018 - 11:46

Unit 3 of Tapak Suci Putra Muhammadiyah Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (TS UMS), as a branch of the autonomous silat martial art organization of Muhammadiyah, held a championship on Thursday (13/12/2018) at the hall of Masjid Fadlurahman UMS. It contested the representatives from faculties in UMS, with a total of 68 new members of Tapak Suci UMS.

Zaeni Alfakhurozi, the Head of Department 3 or the department of the development and achievements of TS UMS, claimed that the aim of this championship was to strengthen brotherhood between silat practitioners. In addition, it was used to evaluate the results of routine training of previous members.

"It is a medium to strengthen brotherhood among members and evaluation for previous practices. The yield will be examined in this championship," he explained when interviewed during the championship.

The annual local championship is also intended to attract qualified, young silat practitioners. The winners will receive advanced guidance, to be prepared to join off-campus tournaments.

“We will observe TS UMS athletes who have outstanding performance for upcoming tournaments. And of course, to attain achievements for our organization,” he continued.

Zeni also affirmed that as the previous championship was assisted by the Student Executive Board (BEM) UMS, this year's inter-faculty championship was initiated by the TS UMS alone under the supervision of Student Affiar department.

"Last year, we collaborated with BEM UMS with TS UMS as the organizing committee to hold similar activity called PORSEMA. But this year (2018), we organized it independently with the support of the Student Affairs" he said.

Despite most of the fighters were novices, their agility and skills can hardly be underestimated. Starting from here, the members of the Tapak Suci UMS are able to compete to the National even the World Championship.