UMS Grabbed 2 Trophies from LLDIKTI on Central Java

Submitted by dumadi on Mon, 11/04/2019 - 09:41

Badminton and Tennis team from Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta grabs two trophies in the event of sports competition between private universities in Central Java LLDIKTI Region VI which held for two days, November 2-3 2019 at Muhammadiyah University of Semarang (UNIMUS).

Badminton contingent of UMS won 2nd place, while the tennis team won the 3rd place. The achievement of UMS’s Badminton Contingent was quite surprising because it exceeded the target that was planned from the start, to enter the semifinals.

Meanwhile, the 1st winner of badminton branch in this competition is badminton contingent from Muhammadiyah University of Magelang. "In the final round, we were out of luck because we were defeated by UM Magelang. "Next year, we are targeting to grab the first place," said Winarto, Official of Badminton Team of UMS.

Winarto added that before competing on the final round, badminton team of UMS defeated STIE Bank Jateng Semarang on top 32 round, then continued on top 16 round by defeating UM Purwokerto, then on top 8 round defeated Untag Semarang and on Final round is defeated by Udinus Semarang.

Meanwhile, in the tennis field, contingent of UMS grabs the 3rd place. The Tennis team of UMS was stopped by UM Purwokerto by the score 1-2 on the final round. In this competition, Tennis team of UMS is led by Ma'arif Jamuin / Supratman who won WO over Agung / Suwarsito. Sigit / Bana defeats Sisunandar / Pambudi by 4-8, Ngatono / Anas was defeating  Taufik / Heri by 2-8.

Tennis team from UM Purwokerto also won the tennis court after defeating the Univet Bantara on Final Round. "Tennis team from UM Purwokerto was quite strong and good in distributing all players. But we are ready to revenge in the next championship, "said Dedyary Prasetya, as the Official of UMS’s Tennis Team.

Before headed to semifinals, the tennis team of UMS defeats the University of Semarang on top 16 round by the score 3-0. Ma'arif Jamuin / Supratman defeats Yoga / Retno by 8-1, Sigit / Bana defeats Bambang / Fajar by 8-5 and Ngatono / Anas defeats Iwan / Agus by 8-0.

While in the quarterfinal round, the tennis team of UMS defeats contingent of UTP Surakarta by 2-1. In this competition, UMS was left behind after Ma'arif Jamuin / Supratman lost to Risa / Iwan by 0-8. Then Sigit / Bana could win over Suwardi / Slamet by 8-2 and Ngatono / Anas defeats Kastono / Maryanto by 8-0.

Both Winarto and Dedyary Prasetya as the official of the two teams declare their determination to improve UMS teams' achievements. So, they will grab the 1st place in the upcoming championship and come home as general champion. "There are some notes to improve our achievements in the upcoming event. Our target now is being the general champion, "said Winarto and Dedyary Prasetya.