UMS Supporting Zero Plastic Waste through the hashtag #umscantiktanpaplastik

Submitted by dumadi on Fri, 11/08/2019 - 10:13

Plastic trash is now a monster for the future of Indonesia. A data shows that Indonesia stands in second place for the largest contributor to plastic waste in the world. Within a year, this equator country produces plastic waste about 187.2 million tons /year.

By these concerns, #umscantiktanpaplastik hashtag was created by Hizbul Wathan Movement of Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta (HW UMS). The hashtag is intended to encourage all UMS academics to wisely use plastic in their daily activities.

To launch this noble event, HW UMS collaborated with several communities or environmental organizations of Solo, they are  Environment and Disaster Management Institute (LLHPB), Aisyiyah Regional Leaders (PDA) Sukoharjo, Nyampah Asyik, Sunrise Indonesia, Kreasik and Ini Bumi Kita.

Ahmad Khoirul as the promotor of this hashtag continue his effort by introducing his movement through a discussion known by ‘Jagongan Sampah Kampus’. This discussion held on Wednesday, (7/11/2019) and take place on the south side of Kantin Tepi Danau.

#umscantiktanpaplastik is a form of a campaign to all UMS academics to start reducing the consumption of plastic especially inside the campus environment," he said.

Ahmad Khoirul hopes that UMS will be able to make a solid waste management system on campus. "If the management of trash (red. Garbage) is good, then the desire of UMS as a Go Green campus will be increasingly realized," said the student of Islamic Religious Education (PAI).

The inaugural discussion with the headline 'Jagongan Sampah Kampus' invited environmental activists as well as the founder of the Solo Kreasik Trash Bank, Miftahul Arozaq or commonly called as Pak Oz. On introduction in this discussion, everyday human life and make waste, so the awareness to wisely use items that have the potential to become garbage must grow.

"Household waste filled with 4 to 5 people in a day can usually produce 0.5 Kilograms of waste. So everything must start from ourselves to wisely use plastic," explained Pak Oz.

Solo Green Forum activist invited the discussion participants to start reducing the use of plastic waste. "From now on, let's start carrying our refillable water bottles and food containers that can be reused. We want Indonesia to be free from garbage," he concluded.

‘Jagongan Sampah Plastik' is planned to be held routinely once a week on Wednesday afternoons. Every week there will be inspirational figures who dedicate themselves in the field of environment, especially trash management.