The Winner of Network Safety Branch on Gemastik 2018

Submitted by ridlo on Tue, 11/06/2018 - 08:54

Students from Student Activity Unit (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa/UKM) FOSTI of Faculty of Communication and Information of Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta (FKI UMS) won an achievement on the 11th GESMATIK 2018. Out of the 11 branches contested on this event, they became the winner of Network and Information System Safety with total score of 1535.

The team for this branch division consisted of three people; they were Fakhrur Razi, Nur Chudlori Aziz, and Ilham Wicaksono. The three of them were students of Informatics Study Program of FKI UMS supervised Dr. Ir. Bana Handaga, M.T.

Before they became the finalists on the competition held by Kemenristekdikti, they must qualify in the preliminary round. Fakhrur Razi as the team leader mentioned that the preliminary round was conducted online on last Wednesday (3/10/2018). The preliminary round only lasted for five hours, starting from 6pm to 11pm. The preliminary round result was announced on Friday (12/10/2018).

The results achieved in the preliminary round managed to bring them into the finals on Thursday to Saturday (1/11/2018-3/11/2018) at the Institute of Sepuluh November (ITS). In the final round, they had to compete with nine other finalist teams to win the championship in the branch they were participated in. The leader of FOSTI team explained that in this competition they were provided with a server to protect. In addition, they were also required to be a hacker who could break into the system and steal important information from other team servers.

“Each team has a server. And each server has the exact same gap. Now, each team is tasked with exploiting loopholes and retrieving important information in this competition. The important information is in the form of words called Flag,” he explained when interviewed at FOSTI FKI UMS secretariat.

After the team had succeeded in getting a Flag from another server and then they successfully submitted it, the team will get points. In the competition, the committee team gave a rule that if they succeeded in taking the Flag from another team, they would get 20 points, while if the Flag was taken, their points would be reduced by 10. Fakhrur also explained that each server had 10 flags that must be protected. But, there were enough number of gaps that must be protected, so that the Flag was not taken by other teams.

"Each server has 10 flags, and there are quite a lot of gaps in the server itself. However, from all the gaps there is a very fatal gap. If you successfully penetrated it, you will get high points. Since from this gap, we can retrieve all flags from the server,” he explained.

Further, he hoped that for the next GESMASTIK events, not only students from FOSTI would take part in this event, but general students outside FOSTI can also participate in this competition. For the past three years, FOSTI was the only one participating in the competition among those from UMS community. In addition, he also hoped that later, the team from UMS can win the grand championship and defeat University of Indonesia (UI), which has been the grand champion for 7 times.