PGSD UMS Won LKTIN and National Essay Competition

Submitted by ridlo on Tue, 10/30/2018 - 08:57

Himpunan Mahasiswa Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar (HMPGSD) of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) of Tasikmalaya Campus held the 4th PGSD FAIR on Saturday to Sunday, October 20-21 2018. The competition was held at UPI Tasikmalaya Campus, which organized four National level competition categories for students, namely National Scientific Writing Competition (Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah Nasional/LKTIN), Essay Contest, Short Story Contest, and Speech Contest Competition.

PGSD of FKIP UMS delegated five students to participate in LKTIN which consisted of two teams: Efi Rusdiyani, Afrin Puspasari, Hafid Arosyid, Indah Susilowati, and Fitria Bekti Nurhandayani. The LKTIN competition raised the theme of "Leading and Outstanding Primary School Education." There were ten selected finalists presenting their work to win this championship.

With a brilliant title "The Ring of Archipelago" as the Archipelago Literacy Media for 21st Century Skills, the first team consisting of Efi Rusdiyani, Afrin Puspasari, and Fitria Bekti Nurhandayani successfully won the 3rd Place under the guidance of Muhammad Abduh, M.Pd (lecturer).

The first and second place winners were won by UNY students. Meanwhile, the second team of PGSD consisting of Indah Susilowati, Hafid Arosyid, and Efi Rusdiyani under the guidance of Almuntaqo Zain, M.Pd (lecturer) with the title “Tanoga Card Media Permaianan dan Edukasi TOGA (Tanaman Obat Keluarga) pada Siswa Sekolah Dasar" should be proud in the fifth place.

In addition to LKTIN, PGSD FKIP UMS must be proud of the first place in the Essay Contest represented by Efi Rusdiyani. Through online judging, she came out as the first winner with the essay “Si Mas Kesel: Sinergi Masyarakat, Keluarga dan Sekolah sebagai Program Pendidikan Karakter yang Komprehensif” under the guidance of Muhamad Taufik Hidayat, M.Pd (lecturer).

Muhammad Elmas Fadlli from Telkom University won the second place and third place was won by Muhammad Khalid from Gadjah Mada University. "I am very happy, because this is the second time I participated in the essay competition, and I achieve an unexpected result," Efi said. 

"Hopefully, this achievement can stimulate the enthusiasm of other students to rise up and carve out the work and potential they have for synergizing PGSD," Afrin added.

Hopefully, the achievements that have been made by PGSD students can encourage other students and become the motivation to excel in raising and broaching UMS reputation, especially FKIP UMS.