Supporting the implementation of teaching and learning, UMS is equipped with adequate facilities and infrastructure. managed with modern information systems make campus services easier and more organized. The facilities offered as follows

Assistance in self-improvement

UMS provides real assistance for students to be better prepared to work and mingle in the community. There are two types of assistance provided, namely: the accompaniment of al-islam and kemuhammadiyahan (AIK) and the English tutorial program (ETP). AIK assistance with activities (a) mapping read al quran, (b) eradicating illiteracy of al quran, (c) religious discussion. The goal is to provide character and religious education to improve the quality of graduates, and to make them excel in the community.

ETP assistance is accompaniment to prepare students to global competition, by learning a foreign language (english). Activities undertaken as follows, (a) basic English learning, (b) the use of verbal and written English, (c) mentoring with ETP tutors once a week, (d) social gathering, (e) english tutorial cup.


Libraries are a source of knowledge, therefore UMS library seeks to provide the best services to its visitors. It has 40,000 collections of academic books and non-academic books, a collection of theses, and the research archive makes the UMS library one of the most complete libraries in Surakarta. UMS library provides printed collections and e-books, for e-books to be downloaded freely. It is an innovation service for the needs of visitors in the field of technology.


in addition to emphasizing theory in learning between lecturers and students, UMS emphasizes the practice of the theory through learning in the laboratory. All the faculty in UMS, has a laboratory to support the needs of students in applying, utilizing, and creating results from a theory, to be better prepared to work. Laboratories in UMS are (1) Accounting Laboratory; (2) Pharmaceutical Laboratory; (3) Geography Laboratory; (4) Law Laboratory; (5) Nutrition Laboratory; (6) Chemical Laboratory; (7) Biological Laboratory; (8) Communications Laboratory; (9) Mathematical Laboratory; (10) Microteaching Laboratory; (11) FKI Computer Laboratory; (12) Psychology Laboratory; (13) Architectural Laboratory; (14) CAD (Computer Aided Design); (15) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing); (16) CAE (Computer Aided Engineering); (17) Electrical Laboratory; (18) Physics Laboratory; (19) Computer Engineering Laboratory; (20) Mechanical Engineering Laboratory; (21) Civil Engineering Laboratory; (22) Mini Bank Syariah; (23) Capital market; (24) Bookstore UMS; (25) Sports Hall

Sport Centre

UMS not only prioritizes spiritual health in its daily activities, so UMS provides the sports centre (GOR) to help the academicans fit in the middle of busy learning and teaching. Sports are often done in the GOR, including basketball, taekwondo, futsal, karate, martial arts and badminton.


The mosque is a means of worship of Muslims are provided in several campuses, in order to facilitate the civitas UMS and community. The central mosque (in the development stage) is provided as a means of propagation and the center of Islamic activities

Operational Vehicles

To facilitate traveling from one location to another, UMS has operational vehicle facilities such as minibus and bus. Can be used by UMS civitas for seminars or contests around UMS or outside the city.

Comfortable Parking Area

To assist users of private vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles and cars to be safe during their activities at UMS, the university provides convenient and secure parking area, equipped with CCTV and security officers.

Internet Network

UMS provides free Wifi for its lecturers and students. Wifi is accessible from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm. Wifi facilities are provided for the convenience and ease of the academic community to find the latest information from various places.

Green campuss

UMS has a large green area, edupark is the largest land, and there are lakes and parks around the campus. Edupark is a campus facility located on the Adisucipto street of Karanganyar, a few kilometers west of the city of Solo. Edupark is a family recreation park of 6 hectares, designed as a natural park with many types of trees to provide a cool environment. Equipped with jogging track, soccer field, labyrinthine arena and natural forest. Besides Edupark is also used as a place of research for UMS students.

The Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta establishes a smoke-free regulation on campus. UMS campus is surrounded by reforestation (trees and flowers). There is a comfortable garden for discussion and learning outside the room. UMS Campus II is an artificial lake with seats to relax.